Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bubble's 3rd Vaccination

Bubble just had her 3rd vaccination on Sunday. Papa and Mama brought me along to give moral support to Bubble. At the clinic we saw a puppy GR whom was brought in due to over-feeding of treats. I wish I am the one being over-fed instead.

Anyway I had a good time terrorising the GR. But Papa is so bad, he called me over while I was having fun. So no choice, have to guai guai go over and sit down at his side. The owners of the puppy GR was impressed with me. They asked Papa how did he train me to be so guai. Guess humans are so easy to fool. If I don't be guai guai you think I will get my treats??? Poor GR, his owners is going to stop feeding him treats till he get well.

Anyway back to Bubble, she doesn't seems to know she's going to be poke by a needle. She is still so naughty, keep jumping up for treats from Papa. But at least she is being distracted by treats when the vet stick the needle into her tiny butt. Bubble is slightly underweight, the vet advised Papa and Mama to increase her food. No wonder Bubble always gooble down her kibbles under 1 minute, she's trying to transform herself to a PIG!!!

PAPA, MAMA!!!! You have a turtle (that's me) and a pig (that's Bubble) as pets instead.

PS: I love Bubble, I love her when she roll her milk stick and veggie bone out from her playpen. They will become mine. hehehe *evil*


Friday, December 26, 2008

Loving sisters

Papa took pictures of a clean clean Bubble after bath.

See how big is Bubble's eyes.

This is how we sleep when the humans are out.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The New Sidekick

I love my meimei, Bubble. She's my new sidekick, we're the Batdog and Rodog (Batman and Robin). We play together sleep together and create havoc together. At least it is not so boring for me when the humans are out for work.

Bubble has been naughty lately, she pee in her crate and outside the crate where she will sleep. So Papa took the crate away for washing. Poor Meimei have to sleep on the newspaper cover floor. But it also create a new kind of toy for both of us. This is what took place somewhere between 4pm-6pm.

Me: Yo, Meimei, your milkstick has roll out from the playpen again. LOL and its mine now.

Bubble: Jiejie, please return to me. Papa has took most of toys away for washing, if you take it away I would only left my nylon string toy to play.

Me: I really want to faint, you have the biggest toy and you still don't know about it. You stupid or what?

Bubble: ?????

Me: The newspapers lah, you stupid dog. When I was at your age, I have already start chewing, pulling and CAMPING with it.

Bubble: Oh!!!! Thank you Jiejie for reminding me. But how do I go about playing with it?

Me: Grrrr really stupid, dunno why Papa and Mama want to bring you back. Come lah I show you. See you have to bite at this corner and PULL............with all your milk drink strength. See the newspaper has come out, now its your turn.

Bubble: o_O ok got it. PULL, PUSH.

And ....................






This is what you got.

The humans made us to sit beside our "creation". Its called "The Culprit and the Accomplice". So are you able to guess who's the culprit and who's the accomplice?

Woof Woof
Twinke and Bubble

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bubble is Pee Tray Trained......or is she??

This is Meimei's sleeping area. So "kelian" right?? But Papa say must be fair because last time when I was still 2 months old, I am also being placed in the playpen too. Actually Papa is just afraid that Bubble would anyhow pee and poo around the house.

But hor Meimei is quite smart, she knows how to go to the pee tray for her big and small business. It took her 5 days to learn that by peeing or pooing on the pee tray, she will be rewarded with treats or playtime outside her miserable playpan. LOL I am more clever, because I knew how to pee pee and poo poo on papers in 2 days. Lucky for her, she took my advice, else she can forget about having tasty treats or play outside the playpen.

Papa has started to reduce the papers area gradually. Bubble once a while is still a "BoBo shooter". She will aim wrongly outside the pee tray.

Bubble having suntan in the morning.

Notice the pee stain on the newspapers in the pee tray?? The poo was remove cause it is so smelly, really can make me faint.

Being the big Jiejie, I will sleep beside Meimei so that she will not feel lonely.
*Bubble: Jiejie thank you for keeping me company. Love you.
*Me: Stop disturbing me, I just want to sleep. Whole night entertain you still not enough is it? Now I am so tired.
Papa: Oh by the way, our dear Twinkle finally knows how to bark. And her barking is very sharp and loud. She doesn't anyhow bark, she will only woof woof 2-3 times when the doorbell is pressed or some1 is knocking on the front door. Its as if she is telling whoever at the door. This house is guarded by me Twinkle, the fearless toy poodle. LOL
Guess it must be also due to Bubble, we been telling her to take good care of Meimei when we're out for work. And she is taking her new responsibilites seriously. We wonder is this a blessing or the beginning of a nightmare.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Presenting Bubble the Naughty White Maltese

Some pictures to share. Me welcoming Bubble, "Hey you, I am your Jiejie, this milk bone is mine. Don't play play with me."

Is Bubble smiling at Papa?? Wait till you know how Papa is going to train you, see whether you still can smile or not.

Look at Bubble, isn't she a born actress?? Trying to act pitiful, but she still don't know how heartless the humans could be.


Monday, December 8, 2008

The Terror @Home

The humans have brought Bubble back on Saturday afternoon. The 1st day she had already 4 accidents. She poo in the crate while Papa and Mama brought us to grandma's place. We doggys like to be clean at where we sleep or rest. But the crate is a bit too big for Bubble, so she went to the other end and drop her poo poo. So Papa reduce her crate area by cutting and placing a cardboard in the crate.

Papa was afraid that Bubble will have separation anxiety, so he place a smelly piece of clothes of his into Bubble's playpen. Who knows? Bubble must have found that Papa's clothes is not smelly enough, so she went and add some of her pee onto it. Bubble was caught red-handed not once note twice and not thrice but four times, trying to chew at the corners of the newspaper. Papa punished her, WOW, don't play play, Bubble's size is small but her whining is loud. Now she has learn her lesson, I did not caught her chewing at the newspaper. Haiz wanna complain to Papa also don't have chance.

OK, have to admit Bubble is rather clever, she's 80% pee tray trained. Thou sometimes she will still have some misses here and there. At least Papa can sleep through the night now without worrying having to wake up and have a shock of his life.

I don't really like Bubble, she's a tyrant, she kept stealing my toys and bring them into her crate when Papa let's her out to play. Now she has more toys then me, cos Papa tells me must give in to Meimei. Poor me, my toys is getting lesser and lesser.

Mmmm, Papa don't be happy yet. Tomorrow will be the ultimate test. Who knows later when they're back from work, they may find a mini-hurricane create by Bubble. LOL


Monday, December 1, 2008

My Meimei Bubble.

Finally, I met my future MeiMei, Bubble the white mini-maltese yesterday. Papa and Mama brought me along when they visit Bubble. She just had her 2nd vaccination on Friday, but she is so bubbly when I saw her. Guess she must be very happy to see me too.

Notice her tail?? She keeps wagging it while I am sniffing at her. Bubble will be coming back on the coming Saturday, the humans will bring me along to welcome her into our home. Finally I would have someone to lord over. Our house hierachy is Papa->Mama->Me->Bubble. Hehe hooray I have promotion now.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Going to be Jie Jie soon!!!!!

OMG!!!!! When did I become a Jiejie?? Papa and Mama keeps telling me that I am going to have a Meimei soon and they would bring me to see her on Sunday.

Meimei is a mini-Maltese, mini is just only a marketing gimmick, don't the humans know that. I am pretty sure that my future Meimei is just small in size. Now will my Papa and Mama still loves me when Meimei is staying with us?

Poor Papa he is being task to paper-train Meimei like how he train me, wke up every 2 hrs at night to bring Meimei to pee lol. I am a very guai gal, I don't anyhow pee and poo in the house. I would go and do my "business" on the pee tray and wait anxiously for them to come back from work. Then I will go and greet them when they come back and bring them to the pee tray to show how guai I am one.

Papa and Mama is pondering what to call Meimei, Bubble or Cotton. Papa likes Bubble and Mama prefers Cotton cos Meimei is white white. Now Mama come out with another name, Tulip becos she said Meimei's tail looks like a pretty flower. *Faint*

I can't wait to go and visit Meimei this Sunday, I going to show her who's the boss at home. Hehe.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Upgrade from 3 room to 5 room

Long time never updated. Papa is always busy playing game on his laptop. Poor me can't even update my own blog.

Recently my living space has been upgraded from 3 room to a 5 room. LOL.........now I could roam the balcony, kitchen and the living room when the humans are out for work. Previously I can only do my nonsense in the kitchen. Papa said, since I have been a good girl all this while, he will "upgrade" my roaming area.

My favourite hobby now is to bite and pull the window curtains at the living room. Papa counter it by dipping some axe brand ointment on them. Ya I hate the smell, keep running away when Papa moved the curtains to my nose. But I am also clever, the smell will be gone in 2 days and I will wait patiently before I bite and pull the curtains again. hehehe

Papa and Mama got me some cheap toys from Ikea, and I managed to make 1 of them limping. I chew and chew at 1 of the leg and finally the leg drop off. This is what you get for getting me a 90 cent toy.

Papa is so biased, he buy another Burberry Blue Label bag for Mama and I only got such cheap toys. *Sob Sob* Nevermind, I can always have my revenge, I will chew off all the legs from my toys and make him buy me new ones. Am I clever or what? :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


The humans are out for work and this is what I do when they're away.
. . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . .

Trying to transform myself into a turtle.

Push, heave, almost.


Papa - We were laughing our heads off when we saw what she is trying to do. Eventually she push her strawberry bed to the centre of the kitchen. Sometimes we wonder, what kind of pet did we have, a dog, a cat or a turtle. Maybe if we shave her down to the skin, we may have the answer.

Monday, August 25, 2008

My Visit to SKC Dog Show@Expo Hall 6B

Woke up early in the morning, the sky doesn't looks too good, seems like it will be raining soon. But Papa and Mama will still bring me out for my 1st visit to SKC Dog show at Expo. I am so excited, this will be my chance to show-off how I terrorise my humans Papa and Mama. My mummy, Gucci, will be taking part in the grooming competition. I will go there and cheer for her.

Papa gave me a last minute grooming before going out of the house, while combing my hair, Papa keeps reminding me, don't make him lose face infront of all the dogs and their human owners. LOL, little did he know about the little plans I have in store for him.

Sitting on Mama's lap while Papa is driving. I be a "guai guai" gal first, later they will know what is call "Poodle Terrorist".

Am I pretty??

We reached Expo hall 6B and it was raining cats and dogs. Saw lots of dogs but where are the cats??

LOL, Papa want to take some pictures of me, but this is the kind of photos he can shoot, because......I keep moving around sniffing at other dogs' butts. Its my 1st time meeting so many dogs. There's chihuahua, maltese, pomeranian, chow chow, GR, the list goes on. Saw a friendly Rottweiler, its friendlier then it looks, but Papa and Mama do not allow me to go near him, in case he need a snack.

I kept pulling the lease, busy chasing after and pouncing on other dogs and poking my nose at other humans' ankles.

Saw my mummy, Gucci, she won 4th place in the grooming competition. Well done mummy. See how sweet I am trying to give my mummy a kiss.
Instead I lick my mummy's cheek full of my saliva, see how she trying to escape from me.

By the way the gal in yellow is my mummy's breeder daughter. The moment she saw me, she ran up and hug me. A cute and pretty dog will always be loved by everyone *wink wink*.

We stay there for 2 hours, Papa and Mama bought me lots of treats and a new toy. Can't show them here now. I have to urge my Papa to take photos of my treats and the toy. Anyway its time to say good bye to my mummy and her human owners, Auntie Sharon and her family.

I am so tired after all the running around that I decided to lay my chin on the car's armrest.

I am having difficulty in opening my eyes. Soooooo tired.

Papa quickly snap a picture of me when the car is stop at one of the traffic junction to capture this moment of me sleeping in the car. *Grrrr silly humans*

I really hope Papa and Mama will bring me out again. I had so much fun. Thank you Papa and Mama.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

$42 Haircut

Its been quite awhile since my lasting entry. I have been busy being a terror to my beloved human Papa and Mama.

On my way to my usual groomer, Pets & Rasins, with Papa driving. As long as I can go out, I will be happy. See how happy I look.

Yawn, all Papa's fault for waking me up so early.

Bet you can't see my eyes. Hehehe

I feel so naked after my haircut.

Don't I look so much better. Papa you must bring me out for regular grooming.

Finally, the bill for the haircut,...............$42. No wonder Papa been complaining, he could cut his hair for 4 months and still have change for 2 cup of Teh-si-gao. Next haircut will be 2 months later.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

True-Born Singaporean

What smell was that, eeeks it smell exactly like.....like, "Da Bian" (Poo Poo). My poor sensitive nose is subjected to inhale the worst fouling smell in my puppy life.

Its "DURIAN", the kind of fruits. Papa is so disgusting, he apply some durian onto his fingers and brought it to my nose. Arrgghhh, want to faint liao, it smell worst then my poo poo. But curiousity get better then my nose. Thou I tried to move away, but my tongue flick out without control.......OMG it taste simply HEAVEN. This is the most smelly but also the most sweet food I ever had. In no time, I help Papa to clean up his fingers.

Seeing this, Papa gave me more, he took 1 seed and scrap the flesh off and put into my bowl. See how happy I am eating the durian off from the bowl.


*Mama - This is definitely a true Singapore born dog, because only the local dogs know how to enjoy durian. Ang Mo dogs will run far far upon smelling durians.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Vitamins for grey matter

The following events took place yesterday evening between 6 - 6.15pm. No wonder Papa and Mama reach home later then usual.

Papa picked up Auntie Carol @5.15pm from Jalan Serempang (somewhere in Johor) and went back together to Papa's office, Auntie Carol will be hitching a ride to Singapore. Papa and Mama still have some more stuffs to finish before they can go back to Singapore.

6pm - They have finish their work and packed up.

6.03pm - Three of them are in the car, while Papa is preparing to drive off from the carpark, he casually asked Aunte Carol, "Took everything?? Passport? That day we were giving someone a ride back to Singapore, and he forgot to take his passport along, luckily we have not clear customs yet........."

While listening to Papa rattling away, Auntie Carol quickly go thru her bag just to make sure she has everything with her......, "Ah, Colin I think I left my passport at home." *Faint* Upon hearing that, Mama was laughing her head off. No choice, Papa have to drive Auntie Carol's back to retrieve her passport. Along the way, Papa and Mama was making fun of poor Auntie Carol, how she could forget the most important thing. Ok if I am around, I would also woof my cute little head off too. LOL

6.15pm - Finally the humans reached Malaysia customs and reached Singapore in 10 mins time.

Papa and Mama dig at poor Auntie Carol again, "Please remember to bring your passport when returning back to Malaysia." LOL

Maybe I should share my bottle of vitamins with Auntie Carol, it might help to boost up her memory. See I am so intelligent, if she took my vitamins, Auntie Carol will also become intelligent too.

Me to Auntie Carol - Come come I share my vitamins with you. *Tail wagging*


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Evil Dog

The flash from Papa's mobile camera make me looks like an evil dog.

The evil dog lies down on the poor human. Actually Mama refuses to wake up this morning, Papa has no choice but to make use of me to "bully" Mama up from her beauty sleep. However, that also fails, see how Mama sleep when I am lying on top of her. Maybe Papa should ask me to pee pee on Mama's face, sure can wake up.....hehehe.


Friday, July 4, 2008

Humans' Taiwan Trip Pictures

Papa will be borrowing my blog to showcase their Taiwan trip pictures. Its 140+ pictures, as such he will try to upload them as soon as he can.

So all doggys, uncles and aunties, if you're interested to see them do come in to my woof blog for updates. On behalf of Papa, I apologised on his slow-ness in showing the pictures to all. Appreciate all your kind understanding, don't worry I would personally ensure that he upload them as soon as possible by biting Papa's ass to spur him up.


Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Consequences of being a Heroine

Got a scolding from Papa, I made him spent $38.50 for a visit to the vet. Lucky its only $38.50, if its anything more, he may put me into the oven and make himself a "Hotdog". *Phew*

I was limping at my left hind leg. It happens on the last day of my stay at Auntie Sharon's place. I had a great time at her place, I was playing with my mummy, Gucci, the whole time. Its either she chasing after me or me disturbing her. Gucci, really can jump, its seems that she has a in-built spring in her body. She knows that I couldn't jump up onto the sofa, so when she wants to make fun of me, she would jump onto the sofa with me looking at her below.

One day, as usual, we were playing catch. Its my turn to catch her. Gucci ran and off I go after her, she ran towards the sofa and JUMP. Not losing out, I pick up my momentum and jump up after her.........boom, my heavy butt pulls me down and I fall back onto the floor. I tried to get up and try again, ouch.........I felt a sharp pain at my left hind leg. Something is wrong with my leg, I can't walk or run without feeling painful. I want to cry out but I must not show my weakness in front of Gucci, else she will definitely laugh at me for trying to be a heroine. I walk back slowly to my bed enduring the pain and lie down on it.

Gucci came over and check me out, she keep poking and disturb me to continue the chasing game but I ignore her. After a while, Auntie Sharon and her children came back from dinner and found me limping. They were puzzled because before they went out, I was still running around and jumping up and down.

Anyway, Papa and Mama called and will be coming over to pick me up that very evening. When I saw them, I was so happy, how I miss them when they're away. At that moment I forgotten about the pain at my leg and ran towards them and start to jump. Papa and Mama was surprised, they knew that I was limping as Auntie Sharon had inform them earlier. After a while, I begin to realise the pain is still around, I stop and lie down on my tummy infront of Papa and Mama.

The next morning, Mama make an appointment with the vet and they brought me down for a checkup. Papa was so worried that I may have broke my leg. Lucky the vet assure them that I may have sprain my muscle. I could see Papa and Mama's expressions starts to relax. Sorry Papa, Mama for making you all worry........but I am Twinkle the playful poodle, if I don't behave this way, I would not be fit to be called playful.

I promise I would practise my jumping, so that I would not injure myself again because I hate Papa open my mouth forcefully and pop a pill behind my throat, close my mouth and blow air at my nose, massage my throat just to get me eat my medication.


Papa - Twinkle is fine now, the vet gave her 5 days of medication, 1/2 a pill twice a day. We stop her medication after the 2nd day, as she could run and jump by then. The vet advise us, no exercises for Twinkle for a week. We couldn't see, how we could stop her from running and jumping. If she wants to be a "Lao" hero, we just let her be as long as she is feeling ok. Last, she will be rewarded with a treat everytime she had her medication pill. So, we're not forcing her.....instead we're rewarding her.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Humans are going to Taipei

How heartless can humans be?? My Papa and Mama is abandoning me, leaving me behind in Singapore while they're going to enjoy themselves in Taipei. Don't they know I want to be with them? I want my tummy rubs, milk and treats. Maybe I could sneak myself into their luggage bag.

Is this their luggage bag??

Seems like it. Great, Papa and Mama is not looking, I better jump in quickly.

Mmm......this seems like a good spot to hide myself in. Its spacious enough, hehe it sure looks like a comfy spot.

*Hypnotising the humans* You cannot see me, you cannot see me. I am Twinkle the invisible poodle.

Arhhhh.......my spells have fail. Papa has noticed me.

*Sniff sniff* Maybe I act pitiful enough, the humans will bring me along.

Haiz, Papa saw thru my acting, I still have to stay behind.

*Papa and Mama - We're were just gone for 5 days, and Twinkle is staying with her breeder, Sharon, and her mummy, Gucci. She has enjoyed herself so much so, we are saying, we went Taipei for holiday and Twinkle went over to stay at a chalet.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Rebonding Kinship

Papa told me that I will not be going over to Grandma's place on Saturday. Instead I will be going to a place that is familiar to me. I wonder where it is?

8.25pm - Papa called me over to brush my messy fur. While brushing, he told me that they're bringing me to see my mummy, Gucci. I have to admit, I have no idea who is Gucci is thou the name do sound a bell in my tiny head. Nevertheless, as long as Papa and Mama is bring me out, I would not care who is Gucci.

8.35pm - We're on our way to meet Gucci.

8.45pm - I finally met Gucci, she's a black colour toy poodle. Wow, she really can jump. The moment I see her, she was jumping up and down around Papa and Mama. Mama don't dare to put me down immediately, in case Gucci will attack me. If only I can tell Mama, it's alright I am a big gal now, I can protect myself and also Papa and Mama.

We saw Gucci's owner, Sharon and her 3 kids. When they saw me, they starts to pat and cuddle me. Boy, I was rather overwhelm with their hugs at first but after a while, I start to warm up and play with Gucci and the 3 kids. It was so much fun.

Papa and Mama were chatting with Sharon while I am running up and down chasing Gucci, .......rather I would say I am being chase by her instead. Haha.

10.15pm - Papa say, it's time to go home. Hey, I just begin to have fun and now I have to go already?? Ok, I have to admit I am tired as well after all the playing with Gucci. Time to go home and cuddle my smelly cushion.

When we're leaving, Sharon's 3 kids were clearly feeling sad that it's time to say good-bye. But Mama told them, I would be back on Saturday evening. Bye bye, see you all on Saturday.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Something is not RIGHT

This morning, Mama seems to be unusually excited. She was talking to Papa on something called "Taipei". Papa say I must be guai guai when I go over to stay with Grandma on Saturday evening. Mmm......why must I go and stay with Grandma?? Why I can't be with Papa and Mama? My woof-senses is telling me, something is not right.

Funny Papa, he has been singing and he sucks at singing. He has been humming, "我爱台妹, 台妹爱我".

What is this "Taipei", and its making Mama so excited. Is it a food?? Yummy, food.......it must be food. I wonder, is Papa going to give "Taipei" to me, if I be guai guai??


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hurricane Newspaper Shredder

I apologise that the following post does not comes with any pictures, as the human had forgotten to take the camera out to snap the artwork I have created.

Papa and Mama left home for work yesterday morning and once again I am alone in the house. Its not a big deal because I am Twinkle the playful poodle. I am sure I could find something interesting to entertain myself till the humans are back from work.

Ok, as usual I would sniff around from 1 chew toy to another. Nothing fascinating, 1,2,3,4,5,6 toys and 2 raw hides, that's the usual stuff. Haiz, Papa did not gave me new toys today, maybe he's broke or too stingy to get me new toys. No choice, I have to settle with my current lot. I was about to rest my heavy butt on the floor when I noticed something from the edge of my eyes.

I eagerly walk over to investigate. Under the bright morning sun, shining thru the balcony windows, I saw a piece of the newspaper sticking out from underneath my stinking pee tray grill. Hey, this looks interesting. Papa must have been careless just now, after clearing my pee soak papers before leaving for work. Mmm, is this a trap??? Papa does not like me playing with newspaper, he told me that he would always have to clean up my mess. I think I better check it out and see if the humans are hiding somewhere in the house.

I walk back to the babygate and sat there for a good 3 minutes, pawing the plastic gate, no response. Maybe I'm not loud enough. Paw again, this time louder and whine at the same time, still no response. The humans are out for work alright. Walking back to the pee tray, I look at the newspaper which is sticking out, I sniff at it cautiously. Slowly I bite at the corner of the papers and start to, PULL, with all my "drink milk energy". Bit by bit, inch by inch, I managed to pull out a stack of the newspapers out from the pee tray. It's an accomplishment!!! Papa thought he's smart but he is outsmart by a intelligent toy poodle.

Now time for my best act, shred, chew, shred, chew. It's been so long since I have enjoy myself. Damn, there's still newspapers under the heavy pee tray grill and I can't get it out. Now I can't wait for Papa and Mama to be back from work. Hehehe.

Till next time.


Papa: We almost had a heart attack, the moment the lights is on. Mama is so funny, she was telling Twinkle to sit, sit, stayyyyyy, while reaching for the kitchen light switches. I was busy keeping our shoes and the next thing I heard is, "Aiyo!!! There's a hurricane."

Almost fainted, bits and pieces of the newspapers are scattered everywhere. The whole kitchen floor looks as if hurricane Katrina (The name of the hurricane that swept thru New Orleans.) had diverted her path and into our kitchen. The pee tray was pulled from it's original location to the entrance of the balcony. And, Twinkle, she is looking at us happily with her tougue sticking out and wagging her tail. You should look at how smirk her look is, with the mess behind her.

Sorry, no pictures to show the damage becos I was so angry to forget about the camera. Our Twinkle must be thinking, Papa need a good workout after a hard day at work. Anyway, I have to be more careful not to let the papers stick out from the grill again.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Growing Up

Papa dig out some pictures of me when Papa and Mama brought me back the 1st time. Time really flies, I have been with Papa and Mama for 2 and half months. Mama has started to complain about my weight lately. I weigh less then 1kg when I was around 7 weeks old. Now my weight is 2.5kg.

I eat what you fed, now still want to complain. If I don't eat, you humans also complain. Its a hard life to be a puppy, need to please humans all the time.

See how small I am when I was slightly more then 7 weeks. I could be mistaken as a teddy bear. Indeed I was being mistaken as 1when Mama was carrying me waiting for Papa to buy 4D.

The rope ball is bigger then my head. Frankly, I was feeling scared as it is my 1st day with Papa and Mama.

As a puppy, I was curious with everything. Soon I forgotten about my fear and starts to explore.
Papa gave me his old stinky bath towel so that I would not feel frightened with his smell around. I rather have a nice comfortable bed instead. If only I can talk human language.

I could have got an Best Puppy Oscar Award. See how I pretend to look pitiful. Is my acting good??

Mama comment that my sleeping posture is so cute. Goodness I am a puppy not a human. And where was my smelly pillow??
Cute or not?