Saturday, May 31, 2008

My new toys

Haiz, once again Papa has broke his promise today. Papa promise to bring me out to see monkeys if I guai guai finish my lunch. I was so happy to hear that, and I took only 5 mins to finish my bowl of kibbles. When Papa want to brush my fur, I also guai guai went over and lie down on his lap. (OK I hate the feeling of the slicker brush, most of the times I will struggle when Papa or Mama is brushing me)

I was waiting happily for my outing time, but when I saw Papa and Mama left the house without me, I know Papa is not keeping to his promise again. Arhhh, humans, why they can't keep to their promises like us??? I promise to be guai guai and this is what I got.

Lucky Papa and Mama bought me some new toys, guess they must be feeling guilty for leaving me behind.

1,2,3 toys + 1 new water bottle nozzle

*Sniff sniff* Why are my toys still wrap in plastic?

*Silly human* My Papa makes me pose in front of my toys.
So can I have my new toys now?

Arhh, I got trick by Papa again, he only replace my pathetic water bottle nozzle. My new toys will be kept away till I damage my current lot. Ya I will chew and tear my old toys, can't wait to sink my teeth into my new toys. (Evil grin)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

First Posting

Finally! Papa has finally created a blog for me. Its been 2 months and finally I have a blog of my own. Papa must be so busy working to earn $$$ for my treats and toys that he took so long to register this blog for me.

Hindsight about me, I am a typical toy poodle staying with my Papa and Mama. I was born on the 25th Jan 2008, according to the breeder. I was brought back by Papa and Mama when I was only 7 weeks. My Mama said I was a guai guai pup when she 1st saw me. Now I turn out to be terror at home. Hehehe don't they know appearance could be disguise. Anyway, Papa and Mama had told me, they have no regrets in choosing me over my big sister. Oh ya, I do have an elder sister, her name is Favour.

I know Papa and Mama will always love me no matter how naughty I am.....hehe. Anyway, I will try to be more guai else they will not give me my favorite treats.