Thursday, October 16, 2008

Upgrade from 3 room to 5 room

Long time never updated. Papa is always busy playing game on his laptop. Poor me can't even update my own blog.

Recently my living space has been upgraded from 3 room to a 5 room. I could roam the balcony, kitchen and the living room when the humans are out for work. Previously I can only do my nonsense in the kitchen. Papa said, since I have been a good girl all this while, he will "upgrade" my roaming area.

My favourite hobby now is to bite and pull the window curtains at the living room. Papa counter it by dipping some axe brand ointment on them. Ya I hate the smell, keep running away when Papa moved the curtains to my nose. But I am also clever, the smell will be gone in 2 days and I will wait patiently before I bite and pull the curtains again. hehehe

Papa and Mama got me some cheap toys from Ikea, and I managed to make 1 of them limping. I chew and chew at 1 of the leg and finally the leg drop off. This is what you get for getting me a 90 cent toy.

Papa is so biased, he buy another Burberry Blue Label bag for Mama and I only got such cheap toys. *Sob Sob* Nevermind, I can always have my revenge, I will chew off all the legs from my toys and make him buy me new ones. Am I clever or what? :)