Monday, June 29, 2009

Careless Papa

Arghhhh.................all our cute cute photos are gone. Yipee, that include photos of our naughty moments evidence. No more photos of our "hurricane". High five Bubble.

Yap thats right, Papa had drop his Nokia N95 handphone into a drain. And its in Malaysia somemore. All his contacts and photos are now gone in the drain. He was grumbling to Mama, he can't fish it out as the drain is sealed tight with iron grills.

Now he is struggling with his new phone, a HTC Diamond 2. Now he has to start to key in all his contacts again. He took new photos of me and Bubble with his new handphone. Luckily its not the evidence of our "hurricane" creation. Maybe just maybe if Papa is kind enough to place the roll of toilet paper within my reach, I could help to give him a chance to snap the creation of my artistic work.

Stay tune for our new photos. That is Papa knows how to upload the photos from his new HTC.

and Bubble

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Global Warming

Puff puff puff puff puff, lately the weather is so hot and humid. Its making me and Bubble to puff alot more after after crazy running around the house.

Saturday Papa and Mama decided that its time for us to visit our favourite groomer for a haircut, to get our long and messy hair a few snip so that we would feel cooler in this crazy warm weather. Before our grooming.

We reached there on the dot @10.30am but our groomer is not here yet. So Papa took a few more pictures of our messy hair. After which he went to the 4D shop nearby to buy some of his special numbers leaving me and Bubble with Mama. While Papa is busy scribbling on his betting slip, an auntie walk pass where we sat holding a packet of "Kueh". Smell so nice, immediately my predator instinct starts to kick in. In one leap, I managed to jump down from the stone beach and chased after my prey "Kueh", leaving poor Mama chasing behind me.
"Twinkle come back! Stay", Mama was shouting hysterically. Bubble has no guts to jump down with me so she has to sit on the beach looking at me and Mama with her stupid blur blur look. Finally Mama caught hold of me after 20 metres, I was so close to pounce on my packet of "Kueh", damn. Anyway I quickly sit down but still got a slap on my poor butt. When Papa came back Mama told him what has happened. Got another scolding but luckily no slap on my pain pain butt.

Our hair is so short now. So cooling. But the humans comment that it makes us looks more like skinny monkeys.

Woof Twinkle
and Bubble

Friday, May 8, 2009

The Perfect Storm

What happen when the humans left a plastic bag filled with newspapers within our reach? This is what happens when Papa and Mama is back from work. Surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, you humans should have see the expressions on Papa and Mama.

Papa left the plastic bag too near the playpen fencing. At first, Bubble notice it but she does not have the strength to pull it over, hehe no worries, big sister is here to help. In no time, the plastic bag was pull over. In it are the newspapers soak with our urine. Papa is supposed to threw them out, but he forgotten about it.

We tear and pull apart the plastic bag and pulled the newspaper out. Bubble and me starts to play tug of war with it. We pull and shreds it to smaller pieces. Silly Bubble thought the newspapers are food and starts chewing and swallowing the smaller pieces.

Yap she vomitted them out that night. Papa and Mama almost fainted when they saw the "Mother's Day" present we created from Mama. Papa made us sit down and took some photos of our "damage". Poor Papa has to pick up all the newspapers, vaccum the floor and mop the whole kitchen and the balcony.

Suprise!!!!!!!!! Happy Mother Day to Mama. Saw Bubble's smirk look.

Our pee tray went out of position when I pulled the plastic bag over.

and Bubble

Monday, April 13, 2009

Heaven to Hell

Ok, back to reality after spending 9 days in heaven, its freedom for both me and Bubble when the Papa and Mama left us in the care of Grandma. We had lots of fun running around Grandma's house, peeing and pooing around. Opps hehe those was accidents, you see we're still trying to get use to a new environment.

Grandma will gave us slices of bread or our favorite milk biscut for our daily breakfast. After breakfast, me and Bubble will run around the whole house doing what we do best. Looking for stuffs to chew, sometimes we will managed to enter a forbidden place of the house when no-one is noticing us. We would run into the kitchen and the laundry area. Once we found a nice "toy" to play tug of war. Haha it's Jennifer's panties (Papa's sister), it was beside the washing machine and clever Bubble managed to grab it in her mouth and off we go playing and chewing with it until Grandma saw it and took it away from us.

Now the humans are back, and we're also thrown back to reality, its from heaven to hell. Papa scolded us when we misbehave unlike at Grandma's place where all of them pamper us as if we're in heaven.

Twinkle and Bubble.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Abandon by our heartless Papa and Mama

This is how we sleep when Papa and Mama is out for work. Loving sisters right?

After awhile we change position. Ooiii Bubble don't you dare to fart on my face. Ooops sorry there's a funny smell from my butt. Papa forgot to clean my butt after I "Pang Sai" (Poo) just now. Hehe.

Our Papa and Mama is so heartless, they abandon me and Bubble. When they got home from work, Papa starts packing our beds, toys, playpen and the pee tray into big bags and small bags, off we goes to Ah Ma's house.

Poor Ah Ma, complained to Papa the next morning about our whining the whole night after they left, causes them not to be able to have a good night sleep. Its our 1st night staying over at Ah Ma's place. Bubble was also very sad, although she still has not have a slight idea what is going on. I whine, she also follow suits. Papa and Mama is going to Australia, Gold Coast for 9 days and they will only be back on 11th April.

Lucky Ah Ma sayang me and Bubble alot, she went out and buy bread for us for breakfast. Put me on her lap, while I was chewing at my raw-hide. Thou me and Bubble is sad but we still pee and poo on the pee tray, we know Ah Ma they all will take good care of us when our heartless Papa and Mama is away.


Monday, March 30, 2009

Need GPS

Papa lost his way to our usual groomer's new shop at Blk 25 New Upper Changi Road. Instead he drove to Blk 25 Chai Chee Ave and happily telling Mama, "See lucky I have check the map before going off else we will be at the wrong location. Oh there's a market here, later we drop the 2 monkeys, we can have breakfast here." Who knows, the humans spent 10 mins walking down and up the stretch of Blk 25, but they still can't locate the groomer's shop.

After a quick call to the groomer, Papa then finally realise he had drive to the wrong Blk 25. Actual appointment time is 10.30am, guess what we reach the groomer's shop at 11.00am. Hahaha so much for checking out the map. Guess he has to buy himself navigation GPS for idiot drivers.

Our new haircut burn a big hole in Papa's pocket.......but Papa initial reaction when he saw us out from the grooming room is, "Wow I love their new haircut. Everything is short and easy to maintain."

Finally, my living space is upgraded from a 1 room flat to a 2 room flat, but I have to share it with my stinky Meimei, Bubble. Looking at the bright side, at least now I can "bully" her with my size, snatching her raw-hide and vegi bone.

Our new looks. Tidy and clean.