Monday, April 13, 2009

Heaven to Hell

Ok, back to reality after spending 9 days in heaven, its freedom for both me and Bubble when the Papa and Mama left us in the care of Grandma. We had lots of fun running around Grandma's house, peeing and pooing around. Opps hehe those was accidents, you see we're still trying to get use to a new environment.

Grandma will gave us slices of bread or our favorite milk biscut for our daily breakfast. After breakfast, me and Bubble will run around the whole house doing what we do best. Looking for stuffs to chew, sometimes we will managed to enter a forbidden place of the house when no-one is noticing us. We would run into the kitchen and the laundry area. Once we found a nice "toy" to play tug of war. Haha it's Jennifer's panties (Papa's sister), it was beside the washing machine and clever Bubble managed to grab it in her mouth and off we go playing and chewing with it until Grandma saw it and took it away from us.

Now the humans are back, and we're also thrown back to reality, its from heaven to hell. Papa scolded us when we misbehave unlike at Grandma's place where all of them pamper us as if we're in heaven.

Twinkle and Bubble.

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