Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year

Gong Xi Fa Cai. Happy NIU Year. My New Year resolution is to have more milk, squecky toys (w/o Bubble's saliva please), treats and outings with my loving Papa and Mama.

Papa uploaded some long forgotten pictures from his HP. This is me when I was 10 months and having my 1st heat. Papa makes me wore a diaper meant for human babies. What he did is cut a hole behind for my tail. So thoughtful right? Is Papa changing car?? I love the looks of Honda Intergra Type R. I would be so proud when I stick my head out of the car window when Mama carry me in her lap when we're going out. Bubble can sit in the trunk for all I care. Hehehe.

I hate wearing clothes. Especially when I am so tired and can hardly open my eyes.

Naughty Bubble squeezing into my strawberry bed.

And she is trying to snatch my limelight.

After our grooming. It cost $100 for both of us. No wonder Papa has been grumbling.