Monday, March 30, 2009

Need GPS

Papa lost his way to our usual groomer's new shop at Blk 25 New Upper Changi Road. Instead he drove to Blk 25 Chai Chee Ave and happily telling Mama, "See lucky I have check the map before going off else we will be at the wrong location. Oh there's a market here, later we drop the 2 monkeys, we can have breakfast here." Who knows, the humans spent 10 mins walking down and up the stretch of Blk 25, but they still can't locate the groomer's shop.

After a quick call to the groomer, Papa then finally realise he had drive to the wrong Blk 25. Actual appointment time is 10.30am, guess what we reach the groomer's shop at 11.00am. Hahaha so much for checking out the map. Guess he has to buy himself navigation GPS for idiot drivers.

Our new haircut burn a big hole in Papa's pocket.......but Papa initial reaction when he saw us out from the grooming room is, "Wow I love their new haircut. Everything is short and easy to maintain."

Finally, my living space is upgraded from a 1 room flat to a 2 room flat, but I have to share it with my stinky Meimei, Bubble. Looking at the bright side, at least now I can "bully" her with my size, snatching her raw-hide and vegi bone.

Our new looks. Tidy and clean.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Downgraded from 5 Rm to 1 Rm flat

I am sorry Papa, Mama. I did try my best to pee on the pee tray. But hor, you must also understand I would sometimes still mis-cue a bit. I know I should pee on the pee tray with my 4 legs on it and not with my front 2 legs on the pee tray and my back 2 on the floor before releasing my bladder.

I am so kelian now, downgraded from a 5 Rm flat to a miserable 1 Rm flat and I hate Bubble, she keep making fun of me. I am getting my deserts now for making fun of her when I could roam around the whole house freely whereas she is only allow to come out from her playpen after she pee and poo.

PLEASSSSEEEE. Can I upgrade to a bigger flat.
Haiz, my actting "ke lian" looks does not work on Papa.

Papa: Bubble for now does not even have a single accident for the past 2 weeks but our Twinkle??? She knows she is suppose to pee on the pee tray. But this "Siu Jie" (lady in cantonese) would pee when her 2 back legs are still outside the pee tray. OMG creating a mess, I have to clean her pee that flows beneath the pee tray. Now have to re-train her again. In front of us, she will only pee when her 4 legs are on the pee tray. Behind us, its another different story. TWINKLE!!!!! Do you still want your treat? Then you better "siao bian" properly else you can remain in your miserable 1 Rm flat while Bubble can upgrade to a 3 Rm flat soon.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wonderful life

WoOoOoFy, I love the feeling of rushing wind at my face. Mama, Mama, what's that? See the direction, my nose is pointing. Oh, it's "Sayang", our friendly neighbourhood cat. I want to say hi to her, Yo hoo, it's me, Papa and Mama is bringing me out.

Papa: Goodness me, our Twinkle looks so "Sua Ku" (village pumpkin in hokkien), she's like never see cats before. Hey Twinkle, you're a dog not a cat ok.

What a wonderful life, go for car rides, now sleeping on the humans' bed. Bubble, don't envy me ok.
Mama: Quick, take a pic of this Tao Pek Kong sleeping. Push her, she still does not want to move her buttocks.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Silly looks

Latest weight reading on 4th April 2009. I am 3.2kg and Bubble is 1.8kg. The humans brought me to the vet as my stitches from my spay operation has yet to dissolve.

Silly looks from Bubble.

Woof Twinkle