Monday, June 30, 2008

Humans are going to Taipei

How heartless can humans be?? My Papa and Mama is abandoning me, leaving me behind in Singapore while they're going to enjoy themselves in Taipei. Don't they know I want to be with them? I want my tummy rubs, milk and treats. Maybe I could sneak myself into their luggage bag.

Is this their luggage bag??

Seems like it. Great, Papa and Mama is not looking, I better jump in quickly.

Mmm......this seems like a good spot to hide myself in. Its spacious enough, hehe it sure looks like a comfy spot.

*Hypnotising the humans* You cannot see me, you cannot see me. I am Twinkle the invisible poodle. spells have fail. Papa has noticed me.

*Sniff sniff* Maybe I act pitiful enough, the humans will bring me along.

Haiz, Papa saw thru my acting, I still have to stay behind.

*Papa and Mama - We're were just gone for 5 days, and Twinkle is staying with her breeder, Sharon, and her mummy, Gucci. She has enjoyed herself so much so, we are saying, we went Taipei for holiday and Twinkle went over to stay at a chalet.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Rebonding Kinship

Papa told me that I will not be going over to Grandma's place on Saturday. Instead I will be going to a place that is familiar to me. I wonder where it is?

8.25pm - Papa called me over to brush my messy fur. While brushing, he told me that they're bringing me to see my mummy, Gucci. I have to admit, I have no idea who is Gucci is thou the name do sound a bell in my tiny head. Nevertheless, as long as Papa and Mama is bring me out, I would not care who is Gucci.

8.35pm - We're on our way to meet Gucci.

8.45pm - I finally met Gucci, she's a black colour toy poodle. Wow, she really can jump. The moment I see her, she was jumping up and down around Papa and Mama. Mama don't dare to put me down immediately, in case Gucci will attack me. If only I can tell Mama, it's alright I am a big gal now, I can protect myself and also Papa and Mama.

We saw Gucci's owner, Sharon and her 3 kids. When they saw me, they starts to pat and cuddle me. Boy, I was rather overwhelm with their hugs at first but after a while, I start to warm up and play with Gucci and the 3 kids. It was so much fun.

Papa and Mama were chatting with Sharon while I am running up and down chasing Gucci, .......rather I would say I am being chase by her instead. Haha.

10.15pm - Papa say, it's time to go home. Hey, I just begin to have fun and now I have to go already?? Ok, I have to admit I am tired as well after all the playing with Gucci. Time to go home and cuddle my smelly cushion.

When we're leaving, Sharon's 3 kids were clearly feeling sad that it's time to say good-bye. But Mama told them, I would be back on Saturday evening. Bye bye, see you all on Saturday.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Something is not RIGHT

This morning, Mama seems to be unusually excited. She was talking to Papa on something called "Taipei". Papa say I must be guai guai when I go over to stay with Grandma on Saturday evening. Mmm......why must I go and stay with Grandma?? Why I can't be with Papa and Mama? My woof-senses is telling me, something is not right.

Funny Papa, he has been singing and he sucks at singing. He has been humming, "我爱台妹, 台妹爱我".

What is this "Taipei", and its making Mama so excited. Is it a food?? Yummy, must be food. I wonder, is Papa going to give "Taipei" to me, if I be guai guai??


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hurricane Newspaper Shredder

I apologise that the following post does not comes with any pictures, as the human had forgotten to take the camera out to snap the artwork I have created.

Papa and Mama left home for work yesterday morning and once again I am alone in the house. Its not a big deal because I am Twinkle the playful poodle. I am sure I could find something interesting to entertain myself till the humans are back from work.

Ok, as usual I would sniff around from 1 chew toy to another. Nothing fascinating, 1,2,3,4,5,6 toys and 2 raw hides, that's the usual stuff. Haiz, Papa did not gave me new toys today, maybe he's broke or too stingy to get me new toys. No choice, I have to settle with my current lot. I was about to rest my heavy butt on the floor when I noticed something from the edge of my eyes.

I eagerly walk over to investigate. Under the bright morning sun, shining thru the balcony windows, I saw a piece of the newspaper sticking out from underneath my stinking pee tray grill. Hey, this looks interesting. Papa must have been careless just now, after clearing my pee soak papers before leaving for work. Mmm, is this a trap??? Papa does not like me playing with newspaper, he told me that he would always have to clean up my mess. I think I better check it out and see if the humans are hiding somewhere in the house.

I walk back to the babygate and sat there for a good 3 minutes, pawing the plastic gate, no response. Maybe I'm not loud enough. Paw again, this time louder and whine at the same time, still no response. The humans are out for work alright. Walking back to the pee tray, I look at the newspaper which is sticking out, I sniff at it cautiously. Slowly I bite at the corner of the papers and start to, PULL, with all my "drink milk energy". Bit by bit, inch by inch, I managed to pull out a stack of the newspapers out from the pee tray. It's an accomplishment!!! Papa thought he's smart but he is outsmart by a intelligent toy poodle.

Now time for my best act, shred, chew, shred, chew. It's been so long since I have enjoy myself. Damn, there's still newspapers under the heavy pee tray grill and I can't get it out. Now I can't wait for Papa and Mama to be back from work. Hehehe.

Till next time.


Papa: We almost had a heart attack, the moment the lights is on. Mama is so funny, she was telling Twinkle to sit, sit, stayyyyyy, while reaching for the kitchen light switches. I was busy keeping our shoes and the next thing I heard is, "Aiyo!!! There's a hurricane."

Almost fainted, bits and pieces of the newspapers are scattered everywhere. The whole kitchen floor looks as if hurricane Katrina (The name of the hurricane that swept thru New Orleans.) had diverted her path and into our kitchen. The pee tray was pulled from it's original location to the entrance of the balcony. And, Twinkle, she is looking at us happily with her tougue sticking out and wagging her tail. You should look at how smirk her look is, with the mess behind her.

Sorry, no pictures to show the damage becos I was so angry to forget about the camera. Our Twinkle must be thinking, Papa need a good workout after a hard day at work. Anyway, I have to be more careful not to let the papers stick out from the grill again.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Growing Up

Papa dig out some pictures of me when Papa and Mama brought me back the 1st time. Time really flies, I have been with Papa and Mama for 2 and half months. Mama has started to complain about my weight lately. I weigh less then 1kg when I was around 7 weeks old. Now my weight is 2.5kg.

I eat what you fed, now still want to complain. If I don't eat, you humans also complain. Its a hard life to be a puppy, need to please humans all the time.

See how small I am when I was slightly more then 7 weeks. I could be mistaken as a teddy bear. Indeed I was being mistaken as 1when Mama was carrying me waiting for Papa to buy 4D.

The rope ball is bigger then my head. Frankly, I was feeling scared as it is my 1st day with Papa and Mama.

As a puppy, I was curious with everything. Soon I forgotten about my fear and starts to explore.
Papa gave me his old stinky bath towel so that I would not feel frightened with his smell around. I rather have a nice comfortable bed instead. If only I can talk human language.

I could have got an Best Puppy Oscar Award. See how I pretend to look pitiful. Is my acting good??

Mama comment that my sleeping posture is so cute. Goodness I am a puppy not a human. And where was my smelly pillow??
Cute or not?

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Murder of a Toy

My Papa murder my rattle toy yesterday. I was happily chewing on with my toy when Papa decided to snatch it away from me. And this is what happen, after he forcefully pull it away from me. He almost BEHEADED my toy. I have pictures to prove it.

Another view of my poor toy. Notice the damage??

Papa: I was playing tug-of-war with Twinkle, this shows the quality of a $2 toy got from Daiso. Have to admit the toy was actually meant for a baby and not as a pet toy.


Friday, June 6, 2008

Pom Pom Dress

I was awaken by Papa's footsteps this morning. LOL he was tip-toeing to the kitchen but I heard him alright. Don't he knows dogs have very good hearing?

Goodness me!! Papa really have nothing better to do, he found a Pom Pom dress, which belongs to my grandpoodle. You humans should know what is happening next, right?

Yes, silly Papa makes me wear it. The skirt is sooooo short, don't you dare to peep. Grrrr!!!!!

Papa wants me to show you all my sexy hind legs. No choice I am forced to strike this sexy pose.

Lucky this photo shows my face and not my butt. Cos I am not wearing any panties. Opps did I told you I not wearing anything below. *blush blush*

Mmm.....are you done yet??

Nope I have enough, I am not going to look at the camera anymore.

This is my way of ignoring Papa.

But I can't resist the smell of my food. Papa got my kibbles ready and sprinkle some milk powder over the kibbles. Saw the whitesh colour powder? I hate to eat kibbles everyday, if its not because of the milk powder, I would rather go hungry.

Waiting for the command "GO", Papa is so bad, he placed the bowl of kibbles sprinkle with MILK POWDER beside me. Can smell but cannot eat. Humans are evil!!!!!!!!!

Papa is not looking, no harm sniffing it. Haiz, still can smell but cannot eat.

Finally the evil human has some compassion in him. Papa said, the "GO" command and off I goes. *munch munch*

Finish my food in 5 mins, the milk powder is delicious. It will be even better if I could just have milk instead of the kibbles.
Papa whisper to me, if I guai guai he will bring me to the garden below our block for a walk. I wonder I will see Melbourne or not. (He is the dog 2 apartments away.) I don't have a good impression of him. He pee at wall just outside our flat. Papa has to wash and rinse the wall and the floor with water+vinegar. He said the vinegar will get rid of the urine smell. Ya, now the wall and the floor smell strongly of vinegar instead of pee. Maybe I help Papa to take revenge if I see him tomorrow morning, I can act act then pee on his head when he come over to smell my pee pee area. *Hehe*

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Little Blue Cheongsam

Papa woke up earlier then usual today. He is expecting the air-con service guy to fix up the water dripping problem from the air-con in his bedroom @9.30am.

I had my favorite milk for breakfast, and as usual I finish it up in less then a minute. *Yummy* I was about to have a nap, but Papa wanted to brush my fur. Why must Papa brush me everyday?? I don't look bad if my fur was not brush, but Papa say I will look like a monkey if my fur is not brush.

*Ohhh, so that's what a monkey look like. Mmm, a monkey looks like me? So why it's call a monkey and not a poodle??*

Looks what my silly Papa found?? A blue colour cheongsam! My Mama told me, it belongs to my grandpoodle, Lassie. No wonder its looks so old-fashion, oops, I mean retro. Papa was commenting that it fits me very well and I should wear it on Chinese New Year when I go "Bai Nien". What is "Bai Nien", is it a treat?

Anyway, while waiting for the air-con service guy to come, Papa makes me wear the "retro" cheongsam and took a few photos.

See how stone I am, I was about to take a nap but I am "forced" to be a model instead.

Yawn, hurry up! Can't Papa see I am sleepy?

So sleepy, I lie down first. Let me know when you're ready bah.

Yes??? Papa, are you calling me??

Cheeze. Is it done?

Huh?? Why do I have to sit up again??

Ok, 1 last shot. So, can I go and have my nap now?

This is a tight-fitting cheongsam. See how flurry I am. My grandpoodle's figure must be as good as mine.

OMG!!!! The air-con is still dripping water. Apparently the air-con needs a chemical wash rather then a normal servicing. The air-con service guy will come again tomorrow. And it only means.........Papa is waking up early again tomorrow, and he is going to brush my fur and maybe make me wear some silly-looking outfit, oops I mean retro outfit.


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mama is sick again

Mama was sick since last Saturday, so Papa have to shelf off all his plans to bring me to Seletar Reservoir and Pasir Ris Petgamart. Its been more than a week since I got to go out. The furthest I went is only 10 metres away from the main door. Haiz, Mama can you please take care of yourself? Please don't deprive me from my outing.

Papa gave me my favorite treat, veggie bone. But as usual, he made me pose for a photo.

Another photo.

*See how evil human could be!* Papa purposely placed the veggie bone on my paw. *Faint* No choice have to fake a smile else have to say bye bye to my veggie bone. Cheese!!!! Can I have my veggie bone now?

Finally I got to sink my teeth into veggie bone. Yummy!!! (Shsss ~~ go away, don't ever think of getting it away from me now.)

Papa when will you keep your promise? I want to see monkeys! (I wonder how does monkey looks like, hehe never see them before)