Thursday, July 17, 2008

True-Born Singaporean

What smell was that, eeeks it smell exactly, "Da Bian" (Poo Poo). My poor sensitive nose is subjected to inhale the worst fouling smell in my puppy life.

Its "DURIAN", the kind of fruits. Papa is so disgusting, he apply some durian onto his fingers and brought it to my nose. Arrgghhh, want to faint liao, it smell worst then my poo poo. But curiousity get better then my nose. Thou I tried to move away, but my tongue flick out without control.......OMG it taste simply HEAVEN. This is the most smelly but also the most sweet food I ever had. In no time, I help Papa to clean up his fingers.

Seeing this, Papa gave me more, he took 1 seed and scrap the flesh off and put into my bowl. See how happy I am eating the durian off from the bowl.


*Mama - This is definitely a true Singapore born dog, because only the local dogs know how to enjoy durian. Ang Mo dogs will run far far upon smelling durians.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Vitamins for grey matter

The following events took place yesterday evening between 6 - 6.15pm. No wonder Papa and Mama reach home later then usual.

Papa picked up Auntie Carol @5.15pm from Jalan Serempang (somewhere in Johor) and went back together to Papa's office, Auntie Carol will be hitching a ride to Singapore. Papa and Mama still have some more stuffs to finish before they can go back to Singapore.

6pm - They have finish their work and packed up.

6.03pm - Three of them are in the car, while Papa is preparing to drive off from the carpark, he casually asked Aunte Carol, "Took everything?? Passport? That day we were giving someone a ride back to Singapore, and he forgot to take his passport along, luckily we have not clear customs yet........."

While listening to Papa rattling away, Auntie Carol quickly go thru her bag just to make sure she has everything with her......, "Ah, Colin I think I left my passport at home." *Faint* Upon hearing that, Mama was laughing her head off. No choice, Papa have to drive Auntie Carol's back to retrieve her passport. Along the way, Papa and Mama was making fun of poor Auntie Carol, how she could forget the most important thing. Ok if I am around, I would also woof my cute little head off too. LOL

6.15pm - Finally the humans reached Malaysia customs and reached Singapore in 10 mins time.

Papa and Mama dig at poor Auntie Carol again, "Please remember to bring your passport when returning back to Malaysia." LOL

Maybe I should share my bottle of vitamins with Auntie Carol, it might help to boost up her memory. See I am so intelligent, if she took my vitamins, Auntie Carol will also become intelligent too.

Me to Auntie Carol - Come come I share my vitamins with you. *Tail wagging*


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Evil Dog

The flash from Papa's mobile camera make me looks like an evil dog.

The evil dog lies down on the poor human. Actually Mama refuses to wake up this morning, Papa has no choice but to make use of me to "bully" Mama up from her beauty sleep. However, that also fails, see how Mama sleep when I am lying on top of her. Maybe Papa should ask me to pee pee on Mama's face, sure can wake up.....hehehe.


Friday, July 4, 2008

Humans' Taiwan Trip Pictures

Papa will be borrowing my blog to showcase their Taiwan trip pictures. Its 140+ pictures, as such he will try to upload them as soon as he can.

So all doggys, uncles and aunties, if you're interested to see them do come in to my woof blog for updates. On behalf of Papa, I apologised on his slow-ness in showing the pictures to all. Appreciate all your kind understanding, don't worry I would personally ensure that he upload them as soon as possible by biting Papa's ass to spur him up.


Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Consequences of being a Heroine

Got a scolding from Papa, I made him spent $38.50 for a visit to the vet. Lucky its only $38.50, if its anything more, he may put me into the oven and make himself a "Hotdog". *Phew*

I was limping at my left hind leg. It happens on the last day of my stay at Auntie Sharon's place. I had a great time at her place, I was playing with my mummy, Gucci, the whole time. Its either she chasing after me or me disturbing her. Gucci, really can jump, its seems that she has a in-built spring in her body. She knows that I couldn't jump up onto the sofa, so when she wants to make fun of me, she would jump onto the sofa with me looking at her below.

One day, as usual, we were playing catch. Its my turn to catch her. Gucci ran and off I go after her, she ran towards the sofa and JUMP. Not losing out, I pick up my momentum and jump up after her.........boom, my heavy butt pulls me down and I fall back onto the floor. I tried to get up and try again, ouch.........I felt a sharp pain at my left hind leg. Something is wrong with my leg, I can't walk or run without feeling painful. I want to cry out but I must not show my weakness in front of Gucci, else she will definitely laugh at me for trying to be a heroine. I walk back slowly to my bed enduring the pain and lie down on it.

Gucci came over and check me out, she keep poking and disturb me to continue the chasing game but I ignore her. After a while, Auntie Sharon and her children came back from dinner and found me limping. They were puzzled because before they went out, I was still running around and jumping up and down.

Anyway, Papa and Mama called and will be coming over to pick me up that very evening. When I saw them, I was so happy, how I miss them when they're away. At that moment I forgotten about the pain at my leg and ran towards them and start to jump. Papa and Mama was surprised, they knew that I was limping as Auntie Sharon had inform them earlier. After a while, I begin to realise the pain is still around, I stop and lie down on my tummy infront of Papa and Mama.

The next morning, Mama make an appointment with the vet and they brought me down for a checkup. Papa was so worried that I may have broke my leg. Lucky the vet assure them that I may have sprain my muscle. I could see Papa and Mama's expressions starts to relax. Sorry Papa, Mama for making you all worry........but I am Twinkle the playful poodle, if I don't behave this way, I would not be fit to be called playful.

I promise I would practise my jumping, so that I would not injure myself again because I hate Papa open my mouth forcefully and pop a pill behind my throat, close my mouth and blow air at my nose, massage my throat just to get me eat my medication.


Papa - Twinkle is fine now, the vet gave her 5 days of medication, 1/2 a pill twice a day. We stop her medication after the 2nd day, as she could run and jump by then. The vet advise us, no exercises for Twinkle for a week. We couldn't see, how we could stop her from running and jumping. If she wants to be a "Lao" hero, we just let her be as long as she is feeling ok. Last, she will be rewarded with a treat everytime she had her medication pill. So, we're not forcing her.....instead we're rewarding her.