Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Going to be Jie Jie soon!!!!!

OMG!!!!! When did I become a Jiejie?? Papa and Mama keeps telling me that I am going to have a Meimei soon and they would bring me to see her on Sunday.

Meimei is a mini-Maltese, mini is just only a marketing gimmick, don't the humans know that. I am pretty sure that my future Meimei is just small in size. Now will my Papa and Mama still loves me when Meimei is staying with us?

Poor Papa he is being task to paper-train Meimei like how he train me, wke up every 2 hrs at night to bring Meimei to pee lol. I am a very guai gal, I don't anyhow pee and poo in the house. I would go and do my "business" on the pee tray and wait anxiously for them to come back from work. Then I will go and greet them when they come back and bring them to the pee tray to show how guai I am one.

Papa and Mama is pondering what to call Meimei, Bubble or Cotton. Papa likes Bubble and Mama prefers Cotton cos Meimei is white white. Now Mama come out with another name, Tulip becos she said Meimei's tail looks like a pretty flower. *Faint*

I can't wait to go and visit Meimei this Sunday, I going to show her who's the boss at home. Hehe.