Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bubble's 3rd Vaccination

Bubble just had her 3rd vaccination on Sunday. Papa and Mama brought me along to give moral support to Bubble. At the clinic we saw a puppy GR whom was brought in due to over-feeding of treats. I wish I am the one being over-fed instead.

Anyway I had a good time terrorising the GR. But Papa is so bad, he called me over while I was having fun. So no choice, have to guai guai go over and sit down at his side. The owners of the puppy GR was impressed with me. They asked Papa how did he train me to be so guai. Guess humans are so easy to fool. If I don't be guai guai you think I will get my treats??? Poor GR, his owners is going to stop feeding him treats till he get well.

Anyway back to Bubble, she doesn't seems to know she's going to be poke by a needle. She is still so naughty, keep jumping up for treats from Papa. But at least she is being distracted by treats when the vet stick the needle into her tiny butt. Bubble is slightly underweight, the vet advised Papa and Mama to increase her food. No wonder Bubble always gooble down her kibbles under 1 minute, she's trying to transform herself to a PIG!!!

PAPA, MAMA!!!! You have a turtle (that's me) and a pig (that's Bubble) as pets instead.

PS: I love Bubble, I love her when she roll her milk stick and veggie bone out from her playpen. They will become mine. hehehe *evil*


Friday, December 26, 2008

Loving sisters

Papa took pictures of a clean clean Bubble after bath.

See how big is Bubble's eyes.

This is how we sleep when the humans are out.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The New Sidekick

I love my meimei, Bubble. She's my new sidekick, we're the Batdog and Rodog (Batman and Robin). We play together sleep together and create havoc together. At least it is not so boring for me when the humans are out for work.

Bubble has been naughty lately, she pee in her crate and outside the crate where she will sleep. So Papa took the crate away for washing. Poor Meimei have to sleep on the newspaper cover floor. But it also create a new kind of toy for both of us. This is what took place somewhere between 4pm-6pm.

Me: Yo, Meimei, your milkstick has roll out from the playpen again. LOL and its mine now.

Bubble: Jiejie, please return to me. Papa has took most of toys away for washing, if you take it away I would only left my nylon string toy to play.

Me: I really want to faint, you have the biggest toy and you still don't know about it. You stupid or what?

Bubble: ?????

Me: The newspapers lah, you stupid dog. When I was at your age, I have already start chewing, pulling and CAMPING with it.

Bubble: Oh!!!! Thank you Jiejie for reminding me. But how do I go about playing with it?

Me: Grrrr really stupid, dunno why Papa and Mama want to bring you back. Come lah I show you. See you have to bite at this corner and PULL............with all your milk drink strength. See the newspaper has come out, now its your turn.

Bubble: o_O ok got it. PULL, PUSH.

And ....................






This is what you got.

The humans made us to sit beside our "creation". Its called "The Culprit and the Accomplice". So are you able to guess who's the culprit and who's the accomplice?

Woof Woof
Twinke and Bubble

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bubble is Pee Tray Trained......or is she??

This is Meimei's sleeping area. So "kelian" right?? But Papa say must be fair because last time when I was still 2 months old, I am also being placed in the playpen too. Actually Papa is just afraid that Bubble would anyhow pee and poo around the house.

But hor Meimei is quite smart, she knows how to go to the pee tray for her big and small business. It took her 5 days to learn that by peeing or pooing on the pee tray, she will be rewarded with treats or playtime outside her miserable playpan. LOL I am more clever, because I knew how to pee pee and poo poo on papers in 2 days. Lucky for her, she took my advice, else she can forget about having tasty treats or play outside the playpen.

Papa has started to reduce the papers area gradually. Bubble once a while is still a "BoBo shooter". She will aim wrongly outside the pee tray.

Bubble having suntan in the morning.

Notice the pee stain on the newspapers in the pee tray?? The poo was remove cause it is so smelly, really can make me faint.

Being the big Jiejie, I will sleep beside Meimei so that she will not feel lonely.
*Bubble: Jiejie thank you for keeping me company. Love you.
*Me: Stop disturbing me, I just want to sleep. Whole night entertain you still not enough is it? Now I am so tired.
Papa: Oh by the way, our dear Twinkle finally knows how to bark. And her barking is very sharp and loud. She doesn't anyhow bark, she will only woof woof 2-3 times when the doorbell is pressed or some1 is knocking on the front door. Its as if she is telling whoever at the door. This house is guarded by me Twinkle, the fearless toy poodle. LOL
Guess it must be also due to Bubble, we been telling her to take good care of Meimei when we're out for work. And she is taking her new responsibilites seriously. We wonder is this a blessing or the beginning of a nightmare.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Presenting Bubble the Naughty White Maltese

Some pictures to share. Me welcoming Bubble, "Hey you, I am your Jiejie, this milk bone is mine. Don't play play with me."

Is Bubble smiling at Papa?? Wait till you know how Papa is going to train you, see whether you still can smile or not.

Look at Bubble, isn't she a born actress?? Trying to act pitiful, but she still don't know how heartless the humans could be.


Monday, December 8, 2008

The Terror @Home

The humans have brought Bubble back on Saturday afternoon. The 1st day she had already 4 accidents. She poo in the crate while Papa and Mama brought us to grandma's place. We doggys like to be clean at where we sleep or rest. But the crate is a bit too big for Bubble, so she went to the other end and drop her poo poo. So Papa reduce her crate area by cutting and placing a cardboard in the crate.

Papa was afraid that Bubble will have separation anxiety, so he place a smelly piece of clothes of his into Bubble's playpen. Who knows? Bubble must have found that Papa's clothes is not smelly enough, so she went and add some of her pee onto it. Bubble was caught red-handed not once note twice and not thrice but four times, trying to chew at the corners of the newspaper. Papa punished her, WOW, don't play play, Bubble's size is small but her whining is loud. Now she has learn her lesson, I did not caught her chewing at the newspaper. Haiz wanna complain to Papa also don't have chance.

OK, have to admit Bubble is rather clever, she's 80% pee tray trained. Thou sometimes she will still have some misses here and there. At least Papa can sleep through the night now without worrying having to wake up and have a shock of his life.

I don't really like Bubble, she's a tyrant, she kept stealing my toys and bring them into her crate when Papa let's her out to play. Now she has more toys then me, cos Papa tells me must give in to Meimei. Poor me, my toys is getting lesser and lesser.

Mmmm, Papa don't be happy yet. Tomorrow will be the ultimate test. Who knows later when they're back from work, they may find a mini-hurricane create by Bubble. LOL


Monday, December 1, 2008

My Meimei Bubble.

Finally, I met my future MeiMei, Bubble the white mini-maltese yesterday. Papa and Mama brought me along when they visit Bubble. She just had her 2nd vaccination on Friday, but she is so bubbly when I saw her. Guess she must be very happy to see me too.

Notice her tail?? She keeps wagging it while I am sniffing at her. Bubble will be coming back on the coming Saturday, the humans will bring me along to welcome her into our home. Finally I would have someone to lord over. Our house hierachy is Papa->Mama->Me->Bubble. Hehe hooray I have promotion now.