Friday, May 8, 2009

The Perfect Storm

What happen when the humans left a plastic bag filled with newspapers within our reach? This is what happens when Papa and Mama is back from work. Surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, you humans should have see the expressions on Papa and Mama.

Papa left the plastic bag too near the playpen fencing. At first, Bubble notice it but she does not have the strength to pull it over, hehe no worries, big sister is here to help. In no time, the plastic bag was pull over. In it are the newspapers soak with our urine. Papa is supposed to threw them out, but he forgotten about it.

We tear and pull apart the plastic bag and pulled the newspaper out. Bubble and me starts to play tug of war with it. We pull and shreds it to smaller pieces. Silly Bubble thought the newspapers are food and starts chewing and swallowing the smaller pieces.

Yap she vomitted them out that night. Papa and Mama almost fainted when they saw the "Mother's Day" present we created from Mama. Papa made us sit down and took some photos of our "damage". Poor Papa has to pick up all the newspapers, vaccum the floor and mop the whole kitchen and the balcony.

Suprise!!!!!!!!! Happy Mother Day to Mama. Saw Bubble's smirk look.

Our pee tray went out of position when I pulled the plastic bag over.

and Bubble

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