Thursday, June 4, 2009

Global Warming

Puff puff puff puff puff, lately the weather is so hot and humid. Its making me and Bubble to puff alot more after after crazy running around the house.

Saturday Papa and Mama decided that its time for us to visit our favourite groomer for a haircut, to get our long and messy hair a few snip so that we would feel cooler in this crazy warm weather. Before our grooming.

We reached there on the dot @10.30am but our groomer is not here yet. So Papa took a few more pictures of our messy hair. After which he went to the 4D shop nearby to buy some of his special numbers leaving me and Bubble with Mama. While Papa is busy scribbling on his betting slip, an auntie walk pass where we sat holding a packet of "Kueh". Smell so nice, immediately my predator instinct starts to kick in. In one leap, I managed to jump down from the stone beach and chased after my prey "Kueh", leaving poor Mama chasing behind me.
"Twinkle come back! Stay", Mama was shouting hysterically. Bubble has no guts to jump down with me so she has to sit on the beach looking at me and Mama with her stupid blur blur look. Finally Mama caught hold of me after 20 metres, I was so close to pounce on my packet of "Kueh", damn. Anyway I quickly sit down but still got a slap on my poor butt. When Papa came back Mama told him what has happened. Got another scolding but luckily no slap on my pain pain butt.

Our hair is so short now. So cooling. But the humans comment that it makes us looks more like skinny monkeys.

Woof Twinkle
and Bubble

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