Monday, June 29, 2009

Careless Papa

Arghhhh.................all our cute cute photos are gone. Yipee, that include photos of our naughty moments evidence. No more photos of our "hurricane". High five Bubble.

Yap thats right, Papa had drop his Nokia N95 handphone into a drain. And its in Malaysia somemore. All his contacts and photos are now gone in the drain. He was grumbling to Mama, he can't fish it out as the drain is sealed tight with iron grills.

Now he is struggling with his new phone, a HTC Diamond 2. Now he has to start to key in all his contacts again. He took new photos of me and Bubble with his new handphone. Luckily its not the evidence of our "hurricane" creation. Maybe just maybe if Papa is kind enough to place the roll of toilet paper within my reach, I could help to give him a chance to snap the creation of my artistic work.

Stay tune for our new photos. That is Papa knows how to upload the photos from his new HTC.

and Bubble

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