Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Abandon by our heartless Papa and Mama

This is how we sleep when Papa and Mama is out for work. Loving sisters right?

After awhile we change position. Ooiii Bubble don't you dare to fart on my face. Ooops sorry there's a funny smell from my butt. Papa forgot to clean my butt after I "Pang Sai" (Poo) just now. Hehe.

Our Papa and Mama is so heartless, they abandon me and Bubble. When they got home from work, Papa starts packing our beds, toys, playpen and the pee tray into big bags and small bags, off we goes to Ah Ma's house.

Poor Ah Ma, complained to Papa the next morning about our whining the whole night after they left, causes them not to be able to have a good night sleep. Its our 1st night staying over at Ah Ma's place. Bubble was also very sad, although she still has not have a slight idea what is going on. I whine, she also follow suits. Papa and Mama is going to Australia, Gold Coast for 9 days and they will only be back on 11th April.

Lucky Ah Ma sayang me and Bubble alot, she went out and buy bread for us for breakfast. Put me on her lap, while I was chewing at my raw-hide. Thou me and Bubble is sad but we still pee and poo on the pee tray, we know Ah Ma they all will take good care of us when our heartless Papa and Mama is away.


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